Team Digital

BCPersonal | Digital

Gregor Bienz, MBA

Gregor Bienz looks back on long-standing leadership experience both in fast-paced periods of growth as well as in crisis situations and restructuring phases in his role as consultant and project leader and as self-employed entrepreneur. Manager and entrepreneur – Gregor Bienz supports employers and employees alike to position themselves for success as they embark on the journey of digital change. To Gregor, creating custom-fit symbioses is vital.

Tobias Gremaud


Tobias Gremaud has many years of experience in the areas of communications, marketing and digital transformation. Through his role as a supervisor and change project manager in HR, he also developed an understanding of the challenges companies face in terms of recruiting and employer branding. He is looking forward to connecting the digital world and the HR world and to recruiting the right fit of professionals and executives for his clients to enable a successful digital transformation.

Ladina Meier

Active Sourcing & Research

Ladina Meier is very familiar with human resource management and knows that quality in a company is not just about market performance but also about the quality of processes, how people interact with each other and how they deal with customers, suppliers and other market partners. She is familiar with the various facets of people and effective HR management, where different elements interlock perfectly like cogwheels. Passionately and with real commitment, Ladina Meier works to create quality for you and to recruit candidates who are a perfect match.

Masha Popovic

Active Engagement Manager

Masha Popovic is a natural fit for the fast-changing dynamics of the digital environment. It suits her to hunt in the data jungle for precisely fitting personalities who enrich the ecosystem of BCPersonal. With her open nature, she looks forward to making interesting new acquaintances with people who are also fascinated by the digital transformation.