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To successfully master the digital transformation and the change to an agile, data-driven enterprise, it is necessary to set the proper course within a company: new leadership and employee competencies are required. In the requisite cultural change, the stable emotional bond between customers and the company remains of crucial importance.

We know what talents and job profiles are required and have the appropriate contacts.

We refer leaders who are able to actively shape change and accompany your employees in the process.

We find specialists and end-to-end thinkers such as data scientists and business analysts, user experience designers, product owners and software engineers whom you need in digital change. And many more.

Plan: Planning, Controlling & Consulting

Starting with the identification of technology trends and their relevance for the company, and continuing with the development of digital strategies, our experts in planning, controlling and consulting create the basis for the development and operation of ICT systems. End-to-end thinkers, our IT planners work closely with business units to avoid siloed solutions.

Build: Design, Engineering, Deployment & Implementation

When it comes to the design, engineering, deployment and implementation of ICT systems, experts need to understand meaningful multi-cloud concepts and solutions, microservices, data mining, machine learning or blockchain architecture. Whether application developers, data scientists, ICT system engineers or user experience architects, our specialists and executives have the relevant expertise as well as the communication skills and customer orientation, to put the customer at the center of all process steps and manage complexity.

Run: Operation, Administration & Support

Our ecosystem includes experienced experts ranging from application managers and ICT supporters to network administrators who refine, administer, maintain and document IT infrastructure systems ensuring client operations. They all possess in-depth specialist knowledge and a strong service orientation. They work independently in a customer and solution-oriented manner and have high level problem-solving skills and strong service orientation.

Change: Project Management

Digitalization is emerging as a comprehensive change management challenge for all aspects of an organization. In addition to project managers with track records in agile methods, there is a demand for program managers who can guide strategic digital measures, structured as projects, successfully through the entire project lifecycle and accompany and drive digital transformation within a company to make business processes more agile and flexible. In terms of scope management, our candidates keep track of scale, cost and time in change projects in the context of quality assurance and ensure that exactly those tasks are carried out in the project that are necessary for successful completion.

Align: Organization

An organization that is aligned with the constantly changing demands of the market is an essential component for corporate success. Clear organizational structures and defined processes are key to greater efficiency, customer orientation, flexibility and employee satisfaction. Be it a business analyst, process manager or organization manager, we know the specialists capable of ensuring that current programs and processes are aligned with the strategic direction of the organization, as well as driving digital transformation in the functional departments and throughout the organization.

Be Agile: Agility Professions

Increasing market dynamics require agile approaches to make companies as a whole more nimble, enabling them to respond to change quickly and effectively and, as a result, create higher-value customer experiences and retain customers in the long term. In the future, leadership and project work will also be more strongly based on meaningful structures that promote autonomous work. The Scrum Masters, Product Owners or DevOps Engineers in our ecosystem posses the necessary agile methodology competence to develop products quickly and cost-effectively in line with corporate vision, keeping the big picture in mind while remaining flexible.

Enhance: Application Informatics

Due to the abundance of applications, it is important to know if they are forward looking and to which goal they lead. Application computer scientists deal with the application of IT methods in areas that are not related to computing. For example, they develop graphics, simulations or user interfaces with subject-related, technical and design knowledge. They are proficient in the use of specific as well as standardized computer science applications and solutions. As power users, they know not only how to operate applications properly and train users, but also how to optimally develop their own solutions in order to advance digitization.

All these competencies have one thing in common

Finding the right candidate is more than just matching professional skills, especially in the area of digitization, where the requirements for specialists and managers are continually evolving due to constant and rapid change. This is why we attach equal importance to social skills and the willingness to acquire digital competencies. Networking, openness, participation, agility, and interdisciplinary teamwork are the core elements of the digital transformation. To be able to master these challenges, all of these profiles require an analytical and structured way of working as well as a focus on efficiency, creativity, communication skills, and customer orientation. We deliver a perfect fit of professional and personal skills.